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Aneta is a pop/rock singer-songwriter, self-taught musician based in London, UK. Born and raised in Poland, she felt deep connection with music. She grew up mainly listening to pop and dance music and when Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls came out, she dreamt of being on stage one day, just like them. One of her favourite vocalists at the time was Celine Dion whose powerful, sharp vocals gave her the chills. 

Aneta was always interested in playing instruments. Other than having a few piano lessons with her primary school music teacher at the age of 14, she would learn to play the keyboard by ear which was mostly for fun. 

At the age of 18, Aneta started writing poems which later led to her writing lyrics to her future songs (hits!:):). In her twenties, Aneta became a vocalist in a function band and would perform locally with a local community group.


When Aneta moved to London, she started taking singing lessons and got her first electric guitar. Unfortunately, discouraged, she abandoned the guitar for a good few years as well as became quite inactive musically with barely any live performances.

A few years later, Aneta's music tastes changed when she saw live performances of a famous rock band - Bon Jovi, on YouTube. Since then, she became hooked on the band and their enormous energy and passion and listened to every song possible. Their musicianship and ethics touched Aneta's heart significantly and she felt it opened the door to her rock side which she never thought she had.

When watching other people on YouTube cover Bon Jovi's songs on an electric guitar, she became determined to learn some of their songs too, spending all summer glued to her previously abandoned guitar and learning the songs, note by note until she could play the whole song. This was extremely rewarding. Later, Aneta bought an acoustic guitar and practised hard until her hands were covered in blisters and cuts but she would not give up. 

Her favourite artists/bands include: Bon Jovi (of course!), Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Pink, Shakira, Rihanna, Aerosmith, Guns'n'Roses, Beyonce, Tori Kelly.

With time, Aneta became very frustrated with her voice. There came a point when she was so discouraged from singing that she did not enjoy it at all and wanted to give it up thinking she would never fulfill her dream. She became equipped with good knowledge of the singing process but a lot of the elements were missing which made her feel very confused. Regardless of her vocal state, she finally began performing live at open mic nights and did a bit of busking.

Aneta spent countless hours practising to sing - to the amusement of her neighbours and flatmates :) - trying to overcome certain blocks and fix bad habits created over the years. Now, she's on a good way to finding her true voice.


In the meantime, Aneta started to learn to play the piano in order to be able to create and record her own tracks.

She began recording her songs professionally in a studio where she could finally bring all her creative ideas alive. Before, she was stuck looking for collaborators who she thought could help her with recording/performing in a duo/band. This was all in vain. For years she was unable to find anyone so she decided to do it all by herself. This includes but is not limited to: self-teaching to play the guitar, piano in order to compose, produce and record tracks as well as to perform solo; recording vocals, some mixing, building own website, branding, photography, directing and recording videos, video editing, creating content for a YouTube channel.


At the turn of 2018/19, Aneta recorded 7 songs, one of which was added as a bonus, which made an EP called 'Breakthrough'. Some of the songs were a reflection of her dealing with the dark state of her mind.

Aneta wasn't sure which musical path to take when recording this album, so it became a mix of pop/rock. 

Aneta is currently working on her 2nd EP which will have the soft rock vibe with old school production and the feel of the 80s - the route Aneta has decided to take. 

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