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Technical stuff in the life of a musician

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

So I am a musician. A musician, recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, photographer, my own manager (not good at this one yet!), brand developer. Have I forgotten anything? I feel so lucky I do not have any commitments; I seriously don't know how people with families can manage music business... I spend literally every hour of every day glued to my either laptop, keyboard or guitar and feel like sleeping is a waste of time (obsession?); I only do it because I have to, hehe. 2 weeks ago, I spent 12 hours trying to do something on my website, watching one tutorial after another. After 5 hours, I had something on, though not what I wanted exactly. Then, I found another tutorial which seemed to offer what I needed and had to start all over again. Tutorials and advice. Always seem so easy. Not when you start doing it. They say, open this tab. You go on your computer and there is no such option...You google, where could that be, right, you've found it. Back to the tutorial. They say, open/press this or that. You look everywhere, there is no such option, or the error appears. You google. The answer nowhere to be found. You search on youtube. There is something sort of similar that might help. You try that, works half-way. You search again. Found it, works. Back to the originals tutorial. Now that you have a multiple of windows open, your laptop slows down (oldish guy, what can you do, can't replace it yet!). You wait, you are very patient, still. Hours go by. Save what you've got. You're on the right track but the laptop has enough, just as you, you need to restart. The computer. Slowly. Back on. You think, I'm nearly there, just 30 min. You don't know when 30 min turns into 2 hours... Where/how?

The driver download. My audio interface has had issues giving me crackling clicks constantly and driving me insane. I contacted the manufacturer but after seeing the steps they wanted me to take only to see whether it might be the issue they suspected, I put it off for the next few months, dealing with the clicks on a daily basis. Finally, I thought, this is it, can't take it any more. Where are those steps? So I follow one step out of...many. Not hard, ok, good. Next and next. I downloaded software to look for the issues. There were some. I update the computer. That takes at least an hour...and I'm having a feeling this is a start of something bad. The laptop is super slow... I want to go to my DAW to see if the lovely clicks are still there. It takes ages to open. When it finally does, both my interfaces are not working... I try all possible options, nothing. I decide to uninstall and re-install the two drivers (in the meantime I had to restart the computer a few times already). I installed one.Then I go for another one. Then, I don't remember what happened exactly... I just know, I had to restart it right there and then and the laptop would not open again...Nice stuff, isn't it? So I gave it time... (and myself too - you don't want to know what I was saying). The laptop gives me a message that basically the download messed it up. Now I don't know which download, which interface?? hehe. It opened eventually (I'm typing on it right now) but I am scared to re-install the driver and install it again, as I know the driver of one could not be found so I assume that's the culprit! And it is not the one that gave me the clicks! Anyway, when I used my DAW, I couldn't hear the clicks! Not one. I still don't believe and I am truly waiting for one soon. But what if it doesn't appear?? Is it really fixed? I nearly sacrificed my laptop; I hope it was worth it!!

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